Capital smart city

The world now a day is getting smarter day by day. Smart apps, smartphones, smart houses and now smart cities. The word smart is now a combination of automatic systems, ease, and speed. So when you hear the word smart city imaginary world of numerous facilities. A smart city is not a dream or not an imagination anymore. It is a place where safety, cleanliness, and ease are at the top. 

A smart city is one that should hold at least three qualities. The qualities of a smart city are

  • A smart city should be planned and developed to sustain changes in the environment, technology, and other political changes. They should be planned to stay green, clean and safe in the longer run. It should be developed keeping changes in mind not today but for better tomorrow. 
  • A smart city should have the latest cutting edge technologies for every other thing. It should have a smart water filtration system, smart lighting system, Quality air monitoring system and efficient waste management system. 
  • Last but not least it should be cost-effective. It should be innovative to attract investors and facilitates businesses in a vast sense. 

The Capital Smart City of Islamabad is the one which is designed according to all of the above mention facilities along with other high-end facilities as per our country. The capital smart city of Islamabad is a new and attractive housing society for not only people of Islamabad but for every Pakistani, it is developed based on Newyork smart city. In the lines below, you find out more about it. 


The location of the capital city is ideal. It is near to the airport as well as near to M2. Its location is ideal. It will hub of social and financial activities. It is just 5 to 10 minutes away from New Islamabad Airport. This makes it an ideal place for businessmen and investors. Its 18 lane spectacle entrance welcomes visitors and residents. The location of the site will also important in the long run as it is near to the eastern route of CPEC.


A capital smart city is equipped with everything to enhances the living experiences of its residents. It has everything which is considered vital and is ideal for residential society nowadays. Its salient features are

  • It has a world-class, standardized infrastructure. 
  • Underground, uninterrupted electricity and other utilities supplied. 
  • Automatic street light system. 
  • Error-free and efficient traffic control and light system. 
  • Automatic air conditioning system.
  • A clean and green environment with an effective waste management system. 
  • High-end security system with high-end CCTV.


The smart city has so much as far as sightseeing is concerned. The importance of a clean and green environment can be seen through the fact that it has several gardens. The garden displays scenic views of heritage and contemporary. Crystal water lake along with dancing and lighten fountain is another sightseeing option for visitors. A Holiday park with a builtin theme park is an attraction for all ages. Separate bus lines with interchanges and transport stations. 

High-end health and educational facilities are other striking features. 

Payment Plan: Amazingly the smart city payment plan is not unaffordable. To the ease of buyers, the plots are available at installments within the range of the buyer. You can download and proceed online too.