Coconut oil virgin

Coconut oil virgin unrefined is a natural product, only a few species. Used in the treatment of skin care products, cosmetics and skin care. The Coconut oil virgin unrefined should be used as pure coconut oil and extracted by using only natural method.

In addition to being used in skin cream to protect your skin from the sun. Coconut oil virgin unrefined still add moisture to the skin, maintain firm skin with water, caressing the hair is soft and not wrinkled, the shiny hair and hair care.

The principle of Ayurveda, recommend the use of massage with Coconut oil virgin unrefined. This will stimulate the skin’s circulation and nervous system. In addition to the above, Coconut oil virgin unrefined also a precursor of good quality that used in the production of cream, body lotion and soap as well.

Journal of “Natural farming” No. 5/2546 Page 3 has a reference to the texts of Ayurveda Thai traditional medicine and textbooks. That there is a clear benefit and recommends the use of Coconut oil virgin unrefined massage is a soft skin, youthful skin condition, help the muscles to eliminate toxins and impurities from the body through the skin. Help lubricate the skin, nervous tissue, bones, antioxidants and free radicals, strengthen cell loss.

Summary of Benefits Coconut oil virgin unrefined.

1. The balance of Cholesterol level in blood.
2. Have Lauric acid to help strengthen the immune system.
3. Strengthen the system of the thyroid.
4. The antibacterial properties, viruses and fungi when acid to break down the lignin to Monolaurin.
5. Saturated fatty acids with medium chain (C8-C12) is a high will be metabolic energy not stored as fat. Improve the digestion system access to normal. Carrier oils are rich in vitamin E in aromatherapy, to smooth firm skin, reduce wrinkles and crow’s feet marks.
6. Hair soft, shiny, black hair and eliminates dandruff.

Really? The Coconut oil virgin unrefined useful as mentioned above.

Of research articles from journals, textbooks, study data showed that explains why the benefits of the Coconut oil virgin unrefined are hardly make to understand but they are trying to compile a content can be read more easily understood. This content may not completely cover all the topics. The benefits of Coconut oil virgin unrefined will be related to fatty acids in virgin coconut oil. The fatty acids than 70% are saturated fatty acids  Medium Chain that have Carbon between 8 to 12 molecule, which is character to digested and ease absorbed to use over a long chain fatty acids. Not required bile from the liver to aid digestion. Fatty acid will be metabolism out soon. To create energy by it not be converted to fat or Cholesterol. There is no impact on the level of Cholesterol in the blood for Storm Lake. And they are likely to play alongside good Cholesterol (HDL) ratio and a more balanced. Because of virgin coconut oil have effect with stimulate metabolism. That explains why we eat Coconut oil virgin unrefined, so it’s not fat and maintain balance Cholesterol and fat level.

Since Coconut oil virgin unrefined is mostly saturated fatty acid structure. As a result, volume Unsaturated fatty acids are low. This unsaturated fatty acids are flaws in the easily Oxidation so fat that occurs will be accumulate in the vessel wall. This cause made blockages in the arteries causing the heart to work harder. It is easy to risk of heart disease. As well as to the cause by free radicals occurs. As already mentioned, Coconut oil virgin unrefined will not cause the accumulation of fat, not cause obesity and coronary heart disease if consumed in proper proportion. Coconut oil virgin unrefined still have the immune enhancing properties. Enhance the functions of the thyroid gland as well as the effect of killing bacteria, fungi, viruses. Which the reason, in Coconut oil virgin unrefined have the amount of Lauric acid, which is high. By the external conditions are not very effective in killing bacteria. But Lauric acid in the body will be broken down to Monolaurin which are well treated. The Coconut oil virgin unrefined will be has properties to help strengthen the immune surveillance and kills bacteria, viruses and fungus.