Coconut oil virgin

Fatty acids in Coconut oil virgin unrefined is  50% is Lauric acid that converted to monolaurin in the body. This acid is effective against bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses (virus herpes, influenza, HIV etc. ) Coconut oil virgin unrefined still have the capric acid about 7%, which makes anti-virus and bacteria as well.

Fatty acids in Coconut oil virgin unrefined, the mass of short and medium sized that two in the third section is medium sized  6-12 unit(medium-chain fatty acid), which is good. Because of this fatty acid can be absorbed into our body metabolism without Carnitine transport system so it made minimize harm to the cells.

Coconut oil virgin unrefined has the following components.

    1. Saturated fatty acids (Saturated fatty acid) 87%.

    2. Monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fatty acids. (Monounsatured fatty acid) 6%.

    3. Polyunsaturated fatty acids. (Polyunsaturated fatty acid) 2%.

    4. The Race No Cholesterol.

Coconut oil virgin unrefined is said to be dangerous because of the saturated fatty acids decades. There is now clear that the research which has the Coconut oil virgin unrefined, prevention of heart disease cause of blood clots, as opposed to the original data. The study also found that Coconut oil virgin unrefined helps increase levels of HDL, the neck race Cholesterol in the blood, and also helps the liver to make more. Have report to use Coconut oil virgin unrefined 3-4 tablespoons a day out to the immune system.

Thais have a way to use coconut as well as famous in the world. The sugar from the coconut flower, drink water and eat the soft coconut meat. Coconut milk is used to make curries and dessert. Coconut oil virgin unrefined is also used in the treatment of skin diseases, especially skin care and hair care products to use Coconut oil virgin unrefined as an ingredient in more. That is used in the food industry, Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. And it is used to produce food to control body weight.

Coconut oil virgin unrefined is helpful for skin and hair. It is shown that anti-oxidants, help nourish your skin deep down to the tissue, cells under the skin. Vitamin E helps to reduce the resistance of the black spots caused by sun and by the age increased. Coconut oil virgin unrefined are helps to heal wounds. Reduce inflammation and rashes to heal faster. The skin is good because it allows the outer skin of the dead skin off, Skin soft and smooth. Coconut oil virgin unrefined it like cream to natural hair, keeps the scalp clean and prevent dandruff. Works best if the hair and scalp was to leave before shampooing. For who want to the honey colored and smooth skin or If you want to White skin take it on when you stay in the house and use Sesame oil apply to skin for sun protection before go out the home.