Coconut oil virgin unrefined

1. Coconut oil virgin unrefined harmful to the body or not?

Nutrition and modern medical discoveries that Coconut oil virgin unrefined is not harmful to your body. In fact, what is to blame for the oil from plants that we cook today. As it news in America, Operators of Fast Foods was sued because a consumer illness cause of use vegetable oils containing “Trans fat” to cooking.

On the other hand, Coconut oil virgin unrefined to help prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity because it fast to burn up as it is not cumulative and does not increase cholesterol. Saturated fatty acid that helps regulate the oxidation of fat in the body, reduce free radicals, have the good skin, no wrinkles and premature aging.

Coconut oil virgin unrefined is not harmful, even with children. Coconut oil virgin unrefined is rich of Lauric acid that fatty acids found in breast milk itself. What is the best way to eat Coconut oil virgin unrefined, coconut oil instead of vegetable oils to cooking as a supplement or eat it. Eating 3-4 teaspoons per day for adult and 1-2 teaspoons for child by average intake gradually until the end of each day. Or mixed in drinks like hot coco or warm juice. The warm Tomato juice mixed with Coconut oil virgin unrefined is very tasty.

2. Quality of Coconut oil virgin unrefined as well. What do I see?

The quality of Coconut oil virgin unrefined preliminary view of the Department of Public Health, Factory and Coconut oil virgin unrefined that pass audit from Department of Medical Sciences are colorless. Free from contamination with oil has been certified and the serial number on the bottle label. But you can check the quality of their own way.
2.1. The oil clean will be clear and transparency. But compared with the clear difference between the brands is not clear cause of the bottle is not in the same manner. The color of the plastic or glass may have some influence on the color.

2.2. Smell, the aroma of Coconut oil virgin unrefined will be the soft aroma of fresh oil to be found sour or rancid odor even open it, it must not change. However, some manufacturers have modified it by use of synthetic fragrances smell of coconut inside. This way, the smell will be good in the first open bottle. After that the aroma will fade and turn to rancid smell. And the life time of the Coconut oil virgin unrefined does not last long.
2.3. The light of good quality Coconut oil virgin unrefined is very low viscosity, easily and quickly to eat. Feeling melts in your mouth. While we eat it not has bad smell and greasy odor intensity.
2.4. To absorb into the skin. The good quality of Coconut oil virgin unrefined will be have small molecule and penetrate into the skin quickly. Do not show of oil floating on the surface.

3. The cooking, the smell of Coconut oil virgin unrefined and eating techniques.

The smell of Coconut oil virgin unrefined is the second reason.

1. The habit of using vegetable oil processing and chemical bleaching, bleach color and smell until not have it. This cause made it not get smell while we cooking time.
2. Pure vegetable oil, all of them have the owner the odor. Because of it does not use any chemical modification. Coconut oil virgin unrefined is the same. It will be have the coconut oil smell. If consumers are not ever used it. May put pandan leaves or onion to the oil before frying. The smell of coconut oil is reduced.

Techniques in eating Coconut oil virgin unrefined in various forms.

1. A mixture of fruit juice (the recipe of Dr. Narong pretty girl Daily into the orange juice).
2. Put in soups and curries.
3. Used as a salad dressing.
4. Pour it on ice cream (recipes, children like to eat).
5. The fried food is not drenched in oil. And time frame.
6. Added to the rice. The onion is soft and delicious food (formula 5-6 cloves of garlic and sprinkle a little salt and pandan leaves to make it even more).

4. The coconut oil is solidified oily.

Oils and fats, how they are different? Oils and fats are often used as a replacement. Oil is a liquid and Fat is solids. All kinds of oil can become solidified oily but with different temperatures. Coconut oil virgin unrefined are solidified oily (freeze the cream and white) at a temperature lower than the 25 C because of it has a high oil saturation. The change is faster than other oils. Coconut oil has a creamy white at the sale point with a cool temperature. (And it is clear that the oil at temperatures above 25 C).

Solidified oily of coconut oil virgin unrefined is not waste oil. But as a symbol of good oil useful to the body. When you buy from the shelves or place it in the air. Coconut oil virgin unrefined may have a solidified oily. Just melt the solidified oily and then released into the room where the ambient temperature. Or placed in an area closely to the sun (Should not be dried in the sun). If leave it for a long time, heat accumulation may contribute to the container).

Although coconut oil virgin unrefined is a product of tropical plants. But it is popular with people who live in temperate zones. The solidified oily is a common occurrence. Container is used to fit a wide mouth bottle instead of pouring over the plate. And now, the order sell oil to countries does not meet the requirements.